среда, мая 07, 2008

Radio Operator

Sometime ago I wrote a post about my grandfather, in which I mentioned his interest in short-wave radios. Last year I visited the house where he lived and died. The shack that doubled as his office had been almost completely emptied. Only the poster of Vasco da Gama and old government licenses authorizing him to use the radio were still hanging on the wall. Besides these, there was also an old newspaper clipping, dated 1962, that nobody had cared to throw out or take away. It was a drawing of a "typical amateur radio operator."

I did not take the drawing with me, but later I decided to see if I could find it online. It was sad to see the shack almost completely empty, but it was still sadder to see those weak mementos of my grandfather's presence still there. Yet it was also in a way comforting, as if some of what was most dear to him could still be sensed
in that bare room.

It turns out I did find the drawing online, in this somewhat strange blog in Brazil. After all, someone else in the world had been so careful to preserve this image, and even to scan it and publish it online!

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Lena комментирует...

you should've taken it with you :) we could hang it up on our wall :)

Konrad von Swalwagner комментирует...

I know, I don't know why I didn't take it with me...