суббота, декабря 01, 2007

Based on a True Story

On behalf of the fine young men the reader can see above, I would like to express here my deepest thanks to Petropolitano Foot-Ball Club and all the snooker players who, as it will soon be demonstrated, saved five infant and naïve souls from perdition. With no more further ado, let us move on to my rendering of the article above about these remarkable kids, their dark pasts, and their bright futures (names have been omitted due to privacy issues):

"New Generation
by J. L. Gerhardt

Snooker is, undoubtedly, an exciting sport, for it has been attracting youngsters to its practice [sic]. The proof of this is the friends T., C., J.C. and D. who, after having had a taste of the emotions of the sport, have fallen in love [with it, por supuesto]. In their free time, they are always at the club, practicing. This is evidence that this sport, so mistreated in the past, already shows its capacity to remove young people from the streets and help them liberate themselves from idleness. A. (photo) has joined the group and already shows his formidable technique playing snooker. Soon we will organize a tournament for the young athletes. You can count on it."

Having been friends with Mr. C. since his childhood back in Petrópolis, I remember visiting him at his house, and I can assure the reader that he never lived on the streets. I should say the same applies to the remainder of the group, although perhaps the Messiah did spend some time in the desert (40 days, I think) and also a night at Gethsemane. Nor do I remember there having been any snooker tournament for the young people (I do remember these young men organizing a tennis tournament, won by the boy shown in the separate picture). In any case, I hope this story has drawn some tears from your eyes, dear reader, in spite of its slight alterations of facts.