суббота, ноября 25, 2006

A Nice Quote, or The Melancholy of Air Travel

Since last year at least, Lufthansa has been running some ads in the United States under the slogan "All for this one moment." I first saw then on the Metro-North trains, then on the subway in NY. Some of them are nice, one of them not so much: it shows a man from such a bad point of view that his nostrils, frankly, take up almost two-thirds of the ad. OK, maybe not two-thirds, but more room than a nostril should take up in an ad (unless you are advertising some sort of nostril-cleaning product).

I found a photo of this ad online, so here it goes:

It is a reasonably good campaign, in spite of the big nostrils in the image above. One of the pieces, and the one whose character I could not help identifying with, shows a kid looking out the window of an airport, and in the reflection on the window we see a Lufthansa airplane. The captions in this ad read

"Hundreds of destinations, none of them more welcoming than home."

I apologize for not being able to reproduce this ad, unfortunately I could not find it online. Anyway, a witty vandal in the Boston subway decided to cover some of the letters in this ad, and so the meaning of the ad was considerably changed. I could not help identifying with this new "ad," and I should say I really admire the anonymous writer who created such a fine example of urban poetry:

"Hundreds of nations, none welcoming me."

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ls комментирует...

ahh now i see how the alcohol vaporizer made its way into a post about Lufthansa... :)

Konrad von Swalwagner комментирует...

Yes, although I should remark that my reference to AWOL as something inhaled through the nose is wrong, since the website says the product should only be inhaled through the mouth.

ls комментирует...

so maybe you can substitute it for another link, which is also interesting: http://www.yogapoint.com/info/jalneti.htm, or anything else you can find :)