четверг, июля 20, 2006

The Importance of Looking at the Sky at Night

I haven't been walking around at night. Plus, in New York City it is practically impossible to see stars, or at least it is impossible to see a decent number of stars. It is possible to see the Moon, but moonlight is virtually unnoticeable except in Full Moon nights, when the city lights dwindle a little bit.

All this together can lead people to bitterness, pessimism, despair. It is sad to live under a blurry window into the outer world. One can never see clearly what lies beyond and, not seeing this clearly, how can someone aspire to infinity?


Cassio once told me about a trip he took to the area around his college, the summer after having graduated. "First of all, being there again, in a lazy summer day when the whole campus was empty, gave my entire day a sense of irreality. Then, in the evening, when it was time to drive back to New York, we took the wrong direction on the road and ended up going North instead of South for about half an hour, driving through an almost totally deserted parkway. The ride back on the same road was even stranger, it felt for the first hour or so that all other cars had vanished from sight. Suddenly, a white flare shone from the side, so bright it filled the whole car with a silvery tone, only to vanish the next second, and then return again. It was the Moon, a gigantic, Full Moon, shining through the tallest trees by the road. Lena looked so mysterious under that light. Those long, unending minutes when the rays of silver light cut through the car window were one of the most mysterious, and because of that most beautiful and poetic, moments of my life. It is easy to understand why the Moon is so often related to madness, to unquenchable passions, after being exposed to its inexorable glow for so long."

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LS комментирует...

and all thanks to Lena's amazing driving skills and sense of direction :\

Konrad von Swalwagner комментирует...

It was not Lena's fault... Cassio should have realized that North was not the direction to take in order to reach New York.

But Lena does indeed have amazing driving skills, although her sense of direction sometimes malfunctions and forces her to get lost in Central Park.

ls комментирует...

and not just in Central park..